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Another Head Aches, Another Heart Breaks

Prompt: #13 - Too Loud
Original verse: Moon Eater
Rating: G
Summary: Time again, there will always be a memory that haunts him.
Notes: Just experimenting with a different way of story-telling this time! Really short, but trying to see if it can still capture the point and spirit of the fic!

Clang’ went the pots and pans, which shook his entire body with fear as people gathered around him, hatred burning in their eyes.

Boom’ went the drums, as his heart sped faster, the clamoring wails and jeers of the crowd growing louder.

Gong’ went the bells that signaled his end, and his eyes finally flew open;beads of sweat trickle down his face as he checks himself before he heaves a frustrated sigh and buries his face into his hands, wanting so badly for the never-ending nightmares to stop.