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Told Us Sin's not Good but we Know it's Great
Rozen's fic dump, with a heavy indulgence in rp-related fics! Current fandoms are: Type-Moon (mostly Kara no Kyoukai and Fate/ franchise), Drakengard series, RWBY, and Osomatsu-san.

Updates are whenever I can manage.

I love crit, so feel free to comment if you think there's an area I need to improve on!

Also, there will be nsfw, as well as bit of dark and heavy subjects, but I do put up warnings before the cut so that people who are squeamish about those types of fics can avoid it. However, if you're the type who hates that stuff but ignores the warnings and reads to complain about it, then that's your fault, not mine.

Comm. layout is by [ profile] thefulcrum

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