11 May 2017 @ 08:19 pm

001.Fever Dreams 002.Constricted 003.Humiliation 004.Short Temper 005.Haunting
006.Phobia 007.Personality Clashes 008.Brainwashing 009.All For Nothing 010.Abandonment
011.Your Choice 012.Your Choice 013.Your Choice 014.Your Choice 015.Your Choice

001.Fuse 002.Storm 003.Burn 004.Humiliation 005.Danger
006.Boredom 007.Determined 008.Transcend 009.Flexibility 010.Tread
011.Passion 012.Scent 013.Blushing 014.Shallow 015.Frustration
28 December 2015 @ 10:43 am
Title: Just Let Yourself Go Floppy
Canon(s): RWBY, 1Bit Heart
Character(s): Weiss Schnee (”Schneewittchen”) and Nanashi (”Rabbit”)
Rating: G
Summary: Nanashi and a reluctant Weiss goof off.
Notes: Done for a game-based writing meme on Dreamwidth! Weiss’s and Nanashi’s names are different here, since in the game, characters have their real names taken away when they become workers and are given a work name instead.

Nothing can be ridiculous as ridiculousness! )