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If I Can Dance Together With You

Prompt: #1 - Don't Leave
Original verse: Lifeline
Rating: PG
Summary: Humanity would always be the same. Or so Paimon thought.
Notes: I had to look up which demons had the ability to re-animated the dead (for reasons) and I thought there'd be like several of them, but it turns out only one just has that power, so here we are.

our blood will boil, exposing the darkness )
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Inside my tangled heart

Prompt: #33 - Saccharine
Original verse: Lifeline
Rating: PG
Summary: Maria loved her family dearly, and such a warm and close bond was the stuff people would dream of.
Notes: This was originally going to be more gruesome, but the tone kind of shifted while writing this out...I'll probably save it for another time, though.

The light crumbles and flies )
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You're like a magician using magic

Canon(s): Garden Gray The, Mogeko Castle
Ship: Ivlin/Yonaka Kurai
Prompt: #29 - The sound of your breath on my cheek
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Slight NSFW implied near the end.
Notes: Had this in my drafts for a looked about half-way done when I was looking over one of the fic docs, so I decided to finish it! And originally, it was going to be Ivlis/Yonaka Kurai, but recently DSP has said that Ivlis was gay. I didn't want to go against that, so I changed it to Ivlin instead!

To make my heart shake )
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[community profile] whole_new_world table || High School/College || Osomatsu-san/RWBY

High School/College

001.Study Partners 002.Evil Roommate 003.Sleeping in Class 004.2am Pancakes 005.Cell Phone
006.Parttime Job 007.Extracurricular 008.Car Pool 009.Dance 010.Old and New
011.Hot Teacher 012.Cold/Flu/Allergies 013.Parents, or Parental Figures 014.Stress 015.Future Dreams
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Another Head Aches, Another Heart Breaks

Prompt: #13 - Too Loud
Original verse: Moon Eater
Rating: G
Summary: Time again, there will always be a memory that haunts him.
Notes: Just experimenting with a different way of story-telling this time! Really short, but trying to see if it can still capture the point and spirit of the fic!

I am so much older than I can take )
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[community profile] 15woes table || Scorpio || Weiss Schnee


001.Fever Dreams 002.Constricted 003.Humiliation 004.Short Temper 005.Haunting
006.Phobia 007.Personality Clashes 008.Brainwashing 009.All For Nothing 010.Abandonment
011.Your Choice 012.Your Choice 013.Your Choice 014.Your Choice 015.Your Choice
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[community profile] 15kisses table || Sagittarius || Blake Belladonna/Sun Wukong


001.Fuse 002.Storm 003.Burn 004.Humiliation 005.Danger
006.Boredom 007.Determined 008.Transcend 009.Flexibility 010.Tread
011.Passion 012.Scent 013.Blushing 014.Shallow 015.Frustration
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[community profile] 15kisses table || Libra || Jyushimatsu/Homura


001.Balance 002.Support 003.Terrify 004.Wilderness 005.Justice
006.Barrier 007.Lavish 008.Unassuming 009.Wishful 010.Resourceful
011.Unchecked 012.Reality 013.Thirteen 014.Window 015.Tumultuous
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Knowing that memories are things

Prompt: #14 - Overgrown
Original verse:
Rating: G
Summary: For the ten years Audris lived in this village, time seemed to move slow.
Notes: LONG TIME NO UPDATE…sweats, sorry about that. Haven’t been writing fics as much, but I’m gonna try to update this more, hopefully. And the micro stories series will be based on this list, yeah.

That don't remain in eternity )
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inb4 there's not really nsfw stuff

Warning: Some fic subjects are controversial and all of these are nsfw, PLEASE DO NOT CLICK AHEAD FURTHER IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO THE NATURE OF THOSE SUBJECTS.

sinning 24/7, sure why not )
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Kink Table - Satanick/Three

001. Comfort Sex 002. Table 003. Flavored Lube 004. Bathtub Playtime 005. Body Oil/Paints
006. The Net 007. Movie Scene Reinactment 008. Shower Sex 009. Hideaway 010. To the Hilt
011. Blindfold 012. Vanilla 013. Doggie-Style 014. Food Fetish 015. Dominatrix
016. Toys 017. Virginal 018. Waterproof 019. Knife Play 020. Vibrator
021. Choker 022. Honey Dust 023. Medical Play 024. Spanking 025. Fingering
026. Harems 027. Orgasm Denial 028. Anonymous 029. Rim Job 030. Harness
031. Costumes 032. Anal Sex 033. Double-Penetration 034. Animalistic 035. Blow Job/Going Down
036. Threesome 037. Grinding 038. Pornography 039. Position 69 040. Biting
041. BDSM 042. Vampirism 043. Tantric Sex 044. Masturbation 045. Voyeruism
046. Lap Dance 047. In Public 048. Imprisonment/Captivity 049. Leather 050. Wildcard

From [ profile] citrus_taste

Bonus Themes:

1K. Violence/Plunder
2K. Vocal/Loud
3K. Quickie
4K. Tattoo Fetish
5K. Sacred/Forbidden Sex
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Table Five - [ profile] 5sentence_fics | Fate/Moge-gard AU

Five Sentence Ficlets

Table Five

01 – Unlimited

02 – Impulse

03 – Out to play

04 – Risk management

05 – Point of view

06 – Lost and alone

07 – Flight of Fancy

08 – Slow and steady

09 – Cold as ice

10 – Just do it

11 – Hostile intent

12 – Change of hands

13 – Trial by fire

14 – RSVP

15 – Weighing options

16 – Blue ribbon

17 – Writing on the wall

18 – Achilles’ heel

19 – Flat line

20 – Generation

21 – Override

22 – Oasis

23 – Hot water

24 – Illusion of control

25 – Tag team


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34 rules for making lust

Canon(s): Drakengard 3, Mogeko/Funamusea
Character(s): Satanick and Three
For Prompt Claim Comm.: [ profile] 1sentence
Set: Alpha
Rating: PG to NC-17
Warning: NSFW for some of the prompts.
Notes: Some of them might feature an AU, but otherwise, it's mostly just their canon selves.

WIP! I'll remove this statement once it's completed. | 40/50 finished

And the purple poison that I kissed )
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If I reach my hand towards the brave shine

Canon(s): The Gray Garden, Mogeko Castle
Character(s): Ivlis and Yonaka Kurai
For Prompt Claim Comm.: [ profile] 1sentence
Set: Epsilon
Rating: PG-R
Warnings: Slight nsfw for some of the prompts
Notes: Some prompts might be AU, but otherwise, it's mostly just their canon selves.

WIP! I'll remove this statement once it's complete though. | 40/50 finished

We can make it through the night, covered in scars )
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Also realized that I didn't post this to here as well, jfc

Series: Sweet and Sour - Kisses by the Mile
A Great Surprise
Canon(s): Drakengard 3
Character(s): Zero and Mikhail
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mild abuse
Summary: For all that she did to him, Mikhail would always try to brighten her day in any way he can.
Notes: This is gonna be part of a series based on this writing meme.

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I realized I never posted this here, wtf

Canon(s): The Gray Garden, Mogeko Castle
Character(s): Ivlis and Yonaka Kurai
Rating: PG
Notes: Was for a songficbit meme that I did. Still think I shouldn't have gotten lazy at the last two, though.

Is that sort of me really still around today? Or not? )
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Lime Table - [ profile] citrus_taste

I really miss prompt tables okok, and while this was originally for an oc x canon pairing on my old blog, I'm changing it to multi-fandom. Plus, I never started on this table, so I might as well right now!

1.One Wild Night 2.I'm the King/Queen of the Sheets 3.Vampire Loving 4.All About the Games You Play 5.Blanket Hog
6.Reenacting My Favorite Fantasy 7.Romantic Night 8.A Little Quickie Behind the Doors 9.No More Teasing, Baby 10.Come to Me
11.Jezebel 12.To Live Without, Is Death 13.Nice and Rough, Or Gentle and Tender 14.Play House 15.Switching Roles
16.Can't Stop Watching You 17.When the Lights Go Out, the Lovers Play 18.Shake That Thing 19.Impatient Nympho 20.No Humor In My Tone
21.Phone Fun 22.Intoxicated With Your Taste 23.Dreams Do Come True When I Think Of You 24.My Fairytale 25. One More Time
26.There's wicked thoughts behind your eyes 27.Under the Roses 28.Memories of Love 29.The sound of your breath on my cheek 30.Until There's Nothing Left of Us
31.Last Chance 32.You won't be turned away 33.To Touch the Devil 34.Virtue was not convenient 35.The Back of Your Hand
36.Graceful ends 37.Do you ever think you'd rather be with me instead? 38.You Got Lucky 39.He always smiles 40.Only to deceive your senses
41.Because it is my name. 42.It's a way of expressing our humanity 43.I'm the whore of Babylon 44.The Chase is On 45.Silken Threads of Fate
46.A whisper, sacred & profound 47.So I could find God between your legs tonight. 48.Meet Me in the Back 49.Think of all the things your hands could make 50.Wildcard!

Bonus Themes:
1L. The World is Coming to an End, let's not waste time.
2L. Bringing Down the House
3L. I Gave My All
4L. This has turned into a runaway train
5L. Let Me Taint You
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Ridiculous? That's ridiculous!

Title: Just Let Yourself Go Floppy
Canon(s): RWBY, 1Bit Heart
Character(s): Weiss Schnee (”Schneewittchen”) and Nanashi (”Rabbit”)
Rating: G
Summary: Nanashi and a reluctant Weiss goof off.
Notes: Done for a game-based writing meme on Dreamwidth! Weiss’s and Nanashi’s names are different here, since in the game, characters have their real names taken away when they become workers and are given a work name instead.

Nothing can be ridiculous as ridiculousness! )